Welcome to The Natural HEALing Coach 
On this website, you’ll find an abundance of information related to all aspects of HEALTHY EATING and ACTIVE LIVING the NATURAL way. As a health advocate, I truly believe that healthy food and an active lifestyle can be your best medicine.   This website will provide you with relevant and valuable information about health and wellness, so you can help you and your loved ones become healthier.

Who is “The Natural HEALing Coach”?
I’m Jamie – I started my journey as a health advocate in 2016 as “The Natural HEALing Coach” after finally finding the keys to improving my health and wellness after years of pain, disappointment and struggle.

My goal is to share my own journey and to help make the transition to living naturally easier for you than it has been for me. Together we can help ourselves and help others find their most balanced, healthy and happy selves.  Imagine the possibilities.

What Will You Find at The Natural HEALing Coach?

  • About – Here you will learn more about me and my journey and how that led to me starting The Natural HEALing Coach.
  • About Health Coaching – Don’t know what health coach does? Do you want to know how a health coach differs from a life coach, a personal trainer or a nutritionist? Want to know more about what a health coach can do for you. This page will answer all of your questions related to the role of a health coach and how they can help you achieve your goals.
  • Work With Me – Not sure about whether working with a coach would benefit you?   Improving your health is a gateway to being happier and more balanced in all aspects of your life. Learn what to expect from me as your coach and how I can support your health and wellness goals.
  • Pantry Makeover –  The success of a healthy eating lifestyle heavily relies on a properly stocked pantry.  That means cleaning out the bad an stocking up on the good.  But getting there can feel a little…overwhelming. I can help!
    Grocery Store Tour –  The grocery shopping tour is perfect for those who want to understand and learn how to confidently navigate the grocery store and buy real,  healthy food.  Find out more about what is offered and what you can gain from taking my grocery store tour.
  • Corporate and Community Wellness – Are you interested in bringing Healthy Eating and Active Living to your Corporate or Community group? This page provides more information on how you can bring nutrition presentations and group fitness to your business or organization.
  • Resources – There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not sharing information on products that I use.  I thought it would be useful to create a comprehensive webpage with my most recommended resources. Go here to find out what I personally use for myself, for my family, and what I recommend to others.
  • Freebies – Check out this page for free  HEALTHY EATING AND ACTIVE LIVING related guides and checklists.
  • The Natural HEALing Blog – On The Natural HEALing Coach Blog, I will provide you with free, relevant, and practical information. On the blog, I comment on recent health news and fitness trends, and provide you with insight into my personal nutrition and fitness habits.
  • Try IDLife – Take a free HIPAA compliant health assessment and find out more information about individualized and customized nutrition.
  • Join Our Community – Join our private support group to connect with other individuals who are on their journey of healthy eating and active living.